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A plant based coffee shop and bakery. 'Bonus' symbolizes their healthy vegan pastries. The 'Star' highlights that they are special and the best. I created a logo that is easy to read, with clear lines, and a cookie star shape instead of a traditional ,,O''.


,,RP- Stone''

Roman is the name of the business owner who makes exclusive custom stone kitchens, washrooms, hallways, etc. The logo integrates three aspects: a stone cube, a building's interior, and the gold color for exclusivity.


,,ROMAN BARTOS Photography''

My client Roman is a wedding and event photographer. He envisioned a pictogram logo with a camera. I integrated a camera as the main object for the logo. The logo is comprised from 2 of his initials 'r' & 'b' in to the recognizable shape of a camera.



NCL (New Clean Living) is cleaning company focused on private and commercial cleaning. NCL wanted a lion in their logo to show that they are strong. I decided to merge their lion with cleaning tools (vacuum and window squeegee) and make it into a playful logo with a double meaning.



A promotional logo for a mangers and sales associate meeting near Bologna, Italy.  Horsefeathers is a clothing company for an outdoor equipment store. 



This logo was created for Bastien Marlin's (skateboarder) project. He builds skateparks from old, unused, construction sites by himself. Therefore, he 'shovels' and 'skate' together. This logo was used for t-shirt designs, videos and a web page.

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